Pixel Coloring: Color by Box App Reviews

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I love this app, it’s addicting But for the past several weeks it won’t even open for me. Looking for some help, or my money back on my one year subscription

Good to keep my girls busy

My girls love this!

Won’t open

I purchased app for the full year to color and things have been going great but now the app will not even open for me to color. I have already uninstalled once and lost all of my pictures that I colored previously. If this is going to keep happening, I want a refund!!! Super annoying!

A bored 12-year-old

I love this game it is so entertaining I love to draw and color this is the best app ever

So so

The instructions aren’t helpful. There’s a bug that’s causing incorrect numbers to be highlighted, making it difficult for people with visual disabilities.


I love Pixel art and this game is just right for me!


Hi come to my party


Fun, relaxing mindless activity

Not bad

I LOVE LOVE LIVE THIS APP it is not boring and I enjoy it not bad

Not worth it

Its disappointing that there are only a few pics you can color without paying for the membership. There are many other coloring apps that are smoother and completely free!


🌞 everybody try this game today I love it so much I just got it today and I haven’t so funny when people say I can’t even say anything because I love it so much get it because it’s the best😍😁❤️🦄💩🐸💋🐵💋🐸💩🦄❤️🦄💩🐸💋🐵💋🐸💩🦄❤️

Great game and all....

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy this game and it’s great and all and my fingers are about to fall off from taping the squares one by one but it could be better you could have better pictures and some other things you could add anyway good job so far and I hope you move on up but I’m probably deleting this game thank you

My review of pixel color

It’s amazing I enjoy it a lot 5/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It could be better

All I saw is that I’ve had other coloring apps better than this one. Because it can become laggy, and when you erase a pixel it doesn’t disappear from the picture when it does the recap, and when you close the app. But if you make improvements it could be better. Including being able to move your finger and color instead of pressing on ever pixel.

Yung friend

You need yo pay some pictures so you cant paint them but i still like the game

Coloring Fun

You just coloring the squares until you finish. It’s easy and fun!


Like being a kid again and painting by numbers but takes you a third of the time and not so messy! Love it.

I love this game

Please make more games love these games


This app, like other pixel color by number apps runs generally the same way... My main problem... There are very few decent pictures to color. I really dislike the super pixelated ones that are just boring. The ones that look like fun to color are ALL locked unless you pay... And the price attached to this app.... Ridiculous! I will NEVER pay $3.99 for ONE week, much less $49.99 for a year... Thank God there are other apps like this one that are actually free...


Every time I start to do a picture that has a lot of colors the app crashes and and I have to redo what I’ve just done then it crashes again. I enjoy this app, but wish I could finish the big pictures.


Excellent! I wish the subjects were smoother, I do not care for pixels. They are so cold and one cannot have any sense of accomplishment. But, when in Rome...........just saying.

Too much movement.

Images move too much while coloring.

Christmas ornaments

One day on Christmas morning there are three ornaments on the tree and then Santa Claus came and gave them more and then gave them more ornaments to hang on the cheek for next Christmas and then they lived happily ever after Madison


Very addictive

Best coloring app

I like the images in this app and the new features are really cool.


This game is awesome, but I have a few problems. 1, the pictures. You have to tap EACH individual square to color. Can u make a way to color faster? 2, limited access. All of the cool pictures are locked, and you have to pay money for it! ITS SO ANNOYING! PLZ FIX THIS!

Didn’t let me finish.

I was almost finished with my picture when it interrupted me, zoomed out, and finished filling in the colors. I’m not happy with this app at all.

Pixel Color App

I just began using this App tonight and am enjoying it. I have suggest that when you scroll over several areas with the same number the amount of time you must wait before the color will scroll needs to be decreased preferably to immediate response. I noticed that like other Apps I have used the pictures available to paint are the same as in many other Apps.

One fo the best apps

This is an awesome app I love and recommend it to you it’s the best ,so, try it

nice game

it is a really nice game you can play to be relaxed


This is fun but way too many are locked so the fun ends quickly.

So far so good

Have only done 2 pix. Wish I could do swathe of numbers by gliding with my stylus.

Love, hate relationship

Love this app, so addicting. Love the variety of pics and the shading to make them look authentic. However I wish I got some free ones every day instead of every few weeks. Lastly I have one last free one that I have been trying to finish. It is a pic of art, specifically a man with a eye piece. It takes over 70 pixels to finish except the app keeps crashing while I work on it and erases my work. Grr

Needs more daily pictures

I love this app, but it needs more daily pictures. I’ve already colored almost all of the pictures it comes with.

My opinion

I really like this app because it is so relaxing and helps me calm down


My first time was fun, looking forward to more pages, love the number coloring reminds me of when I was a little girl.

I like the app

I enjoy the app. But I miss being able to click on a square and have it take me to the color I need. Especially when there’s tons of colors.

Your app needs help.

I don’t really care for your app you don’t give very good pictures to color and when you do the color is dull boring the other app that I have evens it out gives us good stuff sometimes then other we have pay for them but I think just to color a picture you guys are asking way to much I know I would never pay that price just to do this when there is nothing else to do I really think you all should look around at some other apps because as far as I am concerned you can keep you app.

Too many ads

Maybe Sandbox has spoiled me. It’s nuts to have to watch a video to pant a large area without my arthritis killing me. What’s wrong with some free paint bucket

Cute little distraction!

This is a cute little distraction. Not very taxing on the brain.



Pixie art

This is a good app

Fun to,color again.

Thinks a fun app. If you enjoy coloring, they have so many amazing pictures to color. Really enjoy.


I wish you could tap on your error and it would clear it.

Will not open

Since the last update I have not been able to get app to once on my iPhone. I was looking forward to the update so I color the new pictures. I don’t want to delete because I will loose all my work. I only give it a one star only because I miss game.

Disappointed in update

It worked well for me until the most recent update. Canceling my subscription. Not worth the money!


Last two updates have messed it up. No when I go to open it, it freezes and open let me do anything. It was fun before that and my 5 year old niece loved it!


A little laggy, but decent app

More tv show characters

Do pixels of pretty little liars and the walking dead

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